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Arun Narayanan, Seattle International Film Festivalival 2018ivalival.jpg
Hi, my name is Arun Narayanan
(uh-roon nuh-rye-nen)

I'm a screenwriter and video editor based in Los Angeles. You can check out more of my work on Vimeo and Coverfly.


Feel free to email me at, or my manager Eric Robinson at

Arun Considers is also brought to you by:

  • Jordan Ledy - director/co-writer/co-producer/co-editor of "Diversity," director/cinematographer/co-producer/co-editor of "Evolution," "Fame," "The Matrix," "His Name," and "Nothing"

  • Dave Dorsey - director of "Heroin," "VR Porn," and "Shaving"

  • Alix Spence - director/cinematographer of "White Girls"

  • Tyler Evans - co-director/cinematographer of "Listening"

  • Rahul Sharma - co-director/cinematographer of "'American Indians'"

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(I won't email very often, I swear.)

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